Join the Project Consortium

If your country is not yet covered by the ESEM, or if your organisation is not yet part of the consortium, we are open to inquiries about participation from organisations possessing strong, extensive social enterprise networks or (academic) expertise on social enterprise.

Involvement with the project entails participation in consortium meetings, at times providing feedback on the survey and supporting with the translation of the survey and communication materials. It also confers the benefits of mutual learning and early access to your national dataset, as well as the opportunity to write and promote a national report with the support of Euclid Network.

Participation helps to ensure that your country is represented in European analyses of the social enterprise landscape, and in high-level conversations on policymaking and funding initiatives. As a partner, your valuable contribution will be recognised by being featured on the project website and in the ESEM report.

Participate in the Survey

As a social enterprise, we deeply value the time you dedicate to sharing your experiences and perspectives on the sector.

We seek to honour your contribution, which makes the study possible, by amplifying your voice and ensuring that it is heard by policymakers, investors and support organisations.

It is only with your participation that we can collectively advocate for changes that will benefit your social enterprise and the sector as a whole.



Your essential support as a sponsor enables us to compensate the staff who dedicate countless hours to running the project.

To license the software needed for data collection and visualisation, to widely and effectively communicate the results of the study and to substantively engage with decision-makers in order to convey insights that can help to drive the social enterprise sector forwards. We are very grateful for our current sponsors, and any organisations that wish to become sponsors, and recognise your contribution in all official project communications, including in the ESEM report itself.


Supporting the ESEM project as an outreach partner entails sharing communications about the live survey in order to generate responses, and later helping to promote the findings of the study in order to amplify its impact.

Euclid Network prepares template communication materials to support this process and facilitate ease of participation. Your support is crucial to the success of the project, and we recognise your efforts by listing your organisation as an official outreach partner on the project website and in the report.

To learn more about how to participate in the ESEM project in any of the aforementioned capacities, please contact

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