Impact For Policy makers

The ESEM provides valuable insights on the challenges and needs experienced by social enterprises across Europe, as well as on their perceptions of the level of political support for social entrepreneurship existing within their countries.

For policy makers operating at EU, national, regional or municipal levels of governance, the ESEM and national xSEM reports can function as a crucial source of data and guidance in developing and adapting targeted policies to effectively enable the growth and flourishing of social enterprises.

Comparative national data can also enable benchmarking across countries, indicating where support is lacking or thriving in order to facilitate mutual learning and the sharing of best practices. The ESEM’s evidence-based recommendations are also developed in order to inform policy and legislative frameworks that can support the creation of a thriving European ecosystem for the social enterprise sector as a whole.

  • “The European Social Enterprise Monitor has been a key tool for us in understanding the challenges and how we can best be helpful in creating solutions to address them. This is what laid the foundations for for’s EUR 20 million Social Innovation Fund, which is supporting leading social enterprise support organisations across Europe to create and scale programmes that provide underserved social entrepreneurs with access to networks, skills, tools and capital.”

    Rowan Barnett
    Rowan Barnett Director of EMEA
  • “...through European comparison and action-relevant conclusions, the ESEM 2022 meets its mission to “close the gap between social enterprises and EU decision-makers.” This remains a much-needed task to ensure that policy makers recognize social entrepreneurs as a part of the solution and remove the political and legal hurdles in building up a thriving ecosystem of social entrepreneurs.”

    Dr. Stefan Empter
    Dr. Stefan Empter Senior Advisor, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • “...the ESEM provides us with detailed data and analysis that will inform the upcoming European Action Plan for Social Economy and the decisions of policy makers at all levels of governance. Only with data can best practices and problem areas be identified, shared and addressed, to enable the expansion of the social economy.”

    Nicolas Schmit
    Nicolas Schmit European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights

Explore the ESEM

Explore the National and European-wide reports for 2021-2022

This report builds on the seminal work of the first ESEM 2020-2021 and has impressively scaled from eight to 21 countries in just one year across the EU and the wider European neighbourhood. It provides key data and insights for policy makers, investors, support organisations, academia and social entrepreneurs themselves.

Explore the National and European-wide reports for 2020-2021

The European Commission is proud to have supported the first inaugural European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM). It serves as a testament to the extent social enterprises already contribute to the European community and how much potential they still have to offer.

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