Impact For Social Enterprise Support Organisations

Similarly, the ESEM indicates to social enterprise support organisations (SESOs) the areas where (greater) support is needed to empower social enterprises to overcome particular challenges impeding their sustainability and impact.

Such insights can help SESOs to design effective, targeted support initiatives for social enterprises and to advocate among other stakeholder groups (such as policymakers or investors) for additional forms of necessary support. Furthermore, ESEM data highlights the types of connections that social enterprises have developed with various categories of SESOs in each country, painting a clearer picture of national social enterprise ecosystems and indicating where work is required to strengthen particular types of connections.

  • “In a Danish context a report with detailed data on the status and impact of social enterprises has never been produced. We think that it is very important for social enterprises and the social economy sector as a whole to be able to present this kind of documentation. It is important, both in Denmark and the rest of Europe, to be able to inform decision makers and to raise the awareness of the general public of the positive impact that this sector has on society. That is why we are very happy to be part of the ESEM project.”

    Per Bach Managing Director, Sociale Entreprenører i Danmark (SED)

Explore the ESEM

Explore the National and European-wide reports for 2021-2022

This report builds on the seminal work of the first ESEM 2020-2021 and has impressively scaled from eight to 21 countries in just one year across the EU and the wider European neighbourhood. It provides key data and insights for policy-makers, investors, support organisations, academia and social entrepreneurs themselves.

Explore the National and European-wide reports for 2020-2021

The European Commission is proud to have supported the first inaugural European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM). It serves as a testament to the extent social enterprises already contribute to the European community and how much potential they still have to offer.


In 2020 Euclid Network initiated the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) in collaboration with its members and partners.

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