Social Enterprise Stake Holder Impact

> Policy Recommendation

The ESEM provides valuable insights on the challenges and needs experienced by social enterprises across Europe.

> Researchers

The ESEM represents a wealth of opportunities for researchers, offering benchmarkable data collected across diverse European countries.

> Investors

For investors, ESEM highlights the various types of financing most commonly sought by social enterprises

> Support Organisations

The ESEM indicates to social enterprise support organisations (SESOs) the areas where (greater) support is needed to empower social enterprises.

> International Organisations

For international organisations, ESEM insights can provide a regional overview of the European social enterprise ecosystem.

  • “ESEM will become the “go to place” for taking the pulse of a vibrant and increasing community of social enterprises in Europe.”

    Professor Johanna Mair Hertie School of Governance, Co-Director Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, ESEM Board Member
  • “ESEM will be a powerful tool for monitoring the progress of SE ecosystem development on national and European level; at the same time a desperately needed database of relevant information on SE operations and SE ecosystems, not only for policy makers and researchers, but for SE support organisations (SESO), SEs themselves, academy, funders and other stakeholders as well. ACT Group, one of the most active Croatian SESOs, as partner on the ESEM project, joined the consortium to enhance the development of Croatian SEs, to bring the Western Balkan SE ecosystem on the EU agenda and to co-create more enabling SE ecosystems on European level.”

    Teo Petricevic Director, ACT Grupa
  • “In a Danish context a report with detailed data on the status and impact of social enterprises has never been produced. We think that it is very important for social enterprises and the social economy sector as a whole to be able to present this kind of documentation. It is important, both in Denmark and the rest of Europe, to be able to inform decision makers and to raise the awareness of the general public of the positive impact that this sector has on society. That is why we are very happy to be part of the ESEM project.”

    Per Bach Managing Director, Sociale Entreprenører i Danmark (SED)
  • “ESEM is important to gain a better understanding of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Europe. We need better data to be able to be able to explain to policymakers and others what the needs of social enterprises are. More comprehensive data will enable us to conduct research on the sector to better understand issues such as the barriers social enterprises face in terms of innovation, growth, financing and impact. ESEM will help social enterprises move closer to reaching the United Nations SDGs because we will strive to raise awareness and increase the visibility of the important work of social enterprises, attracting more resources and talent to the sector, and ultimately enabling social enterprises to have a greater impact on society!”

    Lisa Hehenberger Professor and Director, ESADE Centre for Social Impact
  • “Policymakers need data to make good decisions. The ESEM gives them deep insights into the important work of Social Entrepreneurs in Europe.”

    Michael Wunsch Head of Strategic Project Development, Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND)
  • “The European Commission is proud to support this year’s European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM), the second edition covering the period 2021- 2022. This report builds on the seminal work of the first ESEM 2020-2021 and has impressively scaled from eight to 21 countries in just one year across the EU and the wider European neighbourhood. It provides key data and insights for policy-makers, investors, support organisations, academia and social entrepreneurs themselves.”

    Nicolas Schmit European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
  • “The European Social Enterprise Monitor, which is pleased to support, is a critically important instrument that … provides key data for policy makers, support organisations and funders…”

    Rowan Barnett Director of EMEA
  • “The European Social Enterprise Monitor has been a key tool for us in understanding the challenges and how we can best be helpful in creating solutions to address them. This is what laid the foundations for for’s EUR 20 million Social Innovation Fund, which is supporting leading social enterprise support organisations across Europe to create and scale programmes that provide underserved social entrepreneurs with access to networks, skills, tools and capital.”

    Rowan Barnett Director of EMEA
  • “We need to work together to create an environment in which social entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive…[t]he European Social Enterprise Monitor and the work of Euclid Network is a critical component in helping to facilitate and inform this.”

    Rowan Barnett Director of EMEA
  • “...resources like the European Social Enterprise Monitor provide vital support to unite and inform all stakeholders across the social enterprise community. Together, we can continue unlocking the power of the social economy and its value-driven business models.”

    Alexandra van der Ploeg Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP

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